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〰️ Embodied Food Journeys 〰️
Iteration I - September 2022: It's All About Education, Studio Alta, Prague (CZ)

A workshop series that helps raise awareness around how different foods collaborate within our unique systems as they assimilate within our bodies.
In these journeys we work with selected foods (location/context specific) and explore their inherent archetypal frequencies through guided somatic processes - meditations, expanded sensing, movement, voice and automatic writing.

Looking at our chosen food, do we know who they really are? What sort of a friend/frenemy are they to me?
How do we want to move, sound, act when we are together? How do I explore my relation to a food item as an on-going friendship? Are all carrots the same vibe?

During manufacturing, harvesting, slaughtering, a plant/animal/synthesised product goes through its first death and transformation. It then becomes a dislocated food item (among other things). During the eating/digestion ritual, the food item looses its form once again as it merges within our system. For a time we are both the food we consume and ourselves. But what is 'ourselves' really but an on-going collaboration with all we replenish or deplete ourselves with? What does it mean to be so dislocated from the food's original form and land source?

Did I write that essay? Or was it partly written by coffee grown on another continent? Did wheat colonise humans for its own global domination? Why is honey such a sweety?