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⏦ 2023

September 17 - Weaving Circle in Neukölln, Berlin
May - artist residency at Cross Attic, Prague, CZ, curated by Sara Marc
July - Forest Frequencies, morning trainings & somatic offerings at the "The World is Sound" retreat Podkavarna, CZ

⏦ 2022

Contribution to publication "Suelo Methodology" by Ela Spalding as part of her research at Heizhaus in summer 2022

"A temporary university to practice the future" - EaAC is artists in residency at "It's all about education...again" at Studio Alta, Prague, CZ, September 12-October 2
+ Embodied Food Journey - Workshop, Sep 17
+ Re-membering Forward - Performance, Sep 20
+ Consultations in flower essences & herbal remedies

Weaving Connections - Series of 4 Sunday Weaving Circles at Studio Nagelneu, Neukölln-Berlin, DE, May 15 & July 3, 15:00CET

Text and spoken audio contributions on Death and Decomposition for "Compost Composing" performance installation and publication by KOMA&Ko, Theater Freiburg & Theater Hellerau Dresden, DE

○● from the minute we come out we are decaying ●○, channeling death & decomposition, hosted by "elle dit" on Freies Radio Berlin, DE, April 26, 18:00 CET

Spring: "Zeitfalten" - a research project on ancestral weaving in and around Berlin-Brandenburg, DE, funded by Take Heart-Fonds der Darstellenden Künste

⏦ 2021

"Joining Hemispheres", radio convergence for the summer/winter solstice, hosted by "elle dit" on Freies Radio Berlin, DE, December 28, 18:00 CET

"Pause for Polination", Live Sensory Listening Journey & Offering for Ausufern Festival, Uferstudios Wedding, Berlin, DE, July 30 & 31

"Are you on holidays? Are you having the best time?"
Take Care Research Funding of Fonds Darstellende Künste for eYe As A collecTive, DE/IT, Feb-Apr

"Stories of Shells & Pearls", site-specific vocal storytelling, individual experience made in collaboration with the Sea, Rocks and Wild Flowers of Monte Cofano, Sicily, IT, April 11

⏦ 2019

"Eye as a Collective - Re Membering Backwards“, performance at Altes Finanzamt e.V. Berlin, DE, August 15

"Stories from our futures' past", Live Sensory Listening Journey as part of group exhibition with Late Night In Squat Bars and Felicia Scheuerecker, Universo Berlin, DE, 48HNeukölln, June 14-16

⏦ 2018

"In the Green Thing", Audio-visual performance in sci-fi existentialism, for The Room of Eyes, König Otto, KINDL Brauerei, Berlin, DE, July 15