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〰️Forest Frequencies〰️
In July 2023 we will join the somatic voice workshops of "The-World-Is-Sound" for the first time, offering daily embodied practice in the morning during the 5 day retreat at Potkávárna.

The retreat, mainly facilitated by Alessio Castellacci and Irena Tomažin, invites you to a journey of intimacy with your body, voice, senses and surroundings. Reconnecting with our capacities of embodied listening in a natural environment, we tune in to our own voice and become present to the others and the acoustic dance around us.

For the morning practice - Forest Frequencies - we will be offering complimentary daily embodied practices exploring subtle energy states in our body/s in direct relation to nature and the various matters we are constantly exchanging with both internally/externally - from food, to air, to changing environments, to spleens, to bones, to moss and mycelium.

Our aim is to share practices that collectively ground us into our bodies and into nature whilst expanding our subtle perceptions through our sensing bodies.
Our offerings will draw from our cross-disciplinary artistic, somatic & energetic practices, including on-going studies in the fields of Qi Gong, Taoist elemental philosophy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, states of expanded awareness/deep listening and subtle energy work.


Find all info about the retreat and registration HERE.
Offering I
JULY 23rd - 29th
Potkávárna, Liberec (CZ