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Pause for
Pollination : 2021
::Pause for Pollination::
30-minute personalised journey for 1-2 individuals at a time
made with and within The Impossible Forest, Uferstudios, Berlin, Germany
First presented/created for Ausufern Festival 30/31 July, 2021

|+| During July 2021, eYe as a collecTive spent 1-month in residency within The Impossible Forest, a garden space created by Jared Gradinger in 2016 that sits as an island of green within the otherwise urbanised setting of Uferstudios/HZT in Wedding, Berlin. The month was spent getting to know some of the many plant, animal and insect inhabitants of this space through tending to the garden, resting whilst listening and practices in expanded channelling.
A starting premise for this work was the concept that wild plants/insects/animals will gather where their specific gifts and medicine are needed. So this offering served to help mediate this potential, EAaC serving as an extra bridging point between humans & the plant & animal Kingdom

From this on-going exchange EAaC created a short introspective offering inviting visitors to take a moment of receptive exchange with this small slice of the plant and animal kingdom.

The offering involved 3 'relaxation/contemplation' stations with custom made velvet garden beds. The 1st offered a rest within a multi-channel sound installation looping a buzzing collaboration between the artists and the local bees/birds, creating a field of toning resonance. The 2nd station offered a herbal foot bath/ tisanes from the garden's wild/placed herbs (ft. mugwort, topinambur, stinging nettle, lavender). This station also featured a live 'garden translator' with whom visitors could ask any questions or share thoughts with the garden. The final station was an optional extended no-obligation chill station where visitors could stay as long as they wanted simply enjoying the garden as they liked.

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